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Ahmed Khan, 16 years old, Pakistani is one of the few people in the world who is able to roll his eyes out of the eye sockets. You can keep it for more than 1 minute without having any health problems. According to Storytrender, the teenager is currently living in Punjab, Pakistan. He discovered this talent in 2016 in a very accidental way while watching the Tom & Jerry cartoon. Ahmed said: “One day I came home and watched the animated film Tom & Jerry. I saw Tom’s eyes suddenly poking out after being hit by my mouse Jerry. So I tried touching my eyes. At first, I thought I had a broken eye, but then I found out that my eyes were not alright. ”Interestingly, Ahmed could do this with both eyes and could now do this. maturing After the videos returned to the scene where Ahmed rolled his eyes out on the Internet, the 16-year-old became the focal point of the online community and media. Ahmed said, he is known more for his talent. Achmed I laugh you laugh I cry you cry you take my coffee in my sweatshirt Every time he went to the market, went out with his family, … everyone came to ask for a picture. Of course there are a lot of people who are scared when Ahmed rolls out his eyes. Many friends or younger children ran away when Ahmed was talented. Most are afraid that Ahmed’s eyes may fall out like in a horror movie.

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According to Ahmed, his performance of this talent does not affect the functions of the eye. Even ophthalmologists also confirmed this and advised Ahmed to set a Guinness world record. Of course, Ahmed’s eyes appear to be dry when exposed to air for too long, but this is a common manifestation that all normal people encounter. The current eye-opening record of the eye belongs to an American woman named Kim Goodman. She could roll her eyes out to 12mm long. However, Ahmed Khan appears confident enough to cross Kim and set a new world record.