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You probably know, millions of years ago Earth was dominated by giant reptile monsters named “dinosaurs”. And though it is still controversial, you may not be strange about their tragic fate: being wiped out because a giant meteorite collides with our planet. The destruction of dinosaurs is also the reason for other mammals to prosper more, and gradually entails the appearance of our people today. However, according to a recent calculation, actually true dinosaurs are the most superficial creatures of this Earth. Why? Because just a meteorite fell in another position, that tragedy did not happen. Dinosaurs will survive, and now we have “baked dinosaur ribs” in restaurants. But research from Tohoku University (Japan) recently published a specific number of the possibility of giant meteorite Chicxulub causing catastrophic genocide for dinosaurs.  Why should you never fight a dinosaur and you will get Jurasskicked The number is only … 13% – not low, but not too high compared to the terrible consequences it brings. It is known that the collision melted the rock, pushing millions of tons of dust into the atmosphere, forming a thick layer of dust. The dust blocks the sun, causing the temperature to drop and turning the Earth into a hell for dinosaurs. But the problem is that it only happens if the meteorite hits the hydrocarbon-rich land, and the eligible places only account for 13% of the Earth’s surface area.

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This also means that the meteorite fell too “in the right place”, because it only needs to be deflected, dinosaurs may not have gone extinct. accounting of atmospheric dust after Chicxulub collided, taking into account the number needed to cause climate change at such a negative level. As a result, they realize that if meteorites fall in low hydrocarbon areas, the destruction will be greatly reduced. “The amount of ice containing hydrocarbons and sulfur differs from place to place. This shows that all events occur mainly because of the impact site, not because meteorites are too big,” – experts say.