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The most controversial thing in the Moon Sailor Sailor of the 90s is the sex of Tehno Hakura. Hakura is normally a handsome male student, but when he turns into Sailor Uranus, he turns into a tomboy girl with a really strong personality. This disagreement confuses viewers and complicates the film. By 2012, all problems were resolved when the producer unified the gender of Hakura. From a gentleman, Hakura in Sailor Moon Crystal has become a “handsome” girl with trendy unisex dress style. The drawing is the key difference between the original and the Crystal versions. It can be seen that the concept of beauty in Sailor Moon has many modern features with the V-line face and the slender body of the characters. Compared to the past, Usagi’s face has become much slimmer, and the 16-year-old girl has grown up. Besides, the color of Sailor Moon Crystal is coordinated gently and more harmoniously. The color tones are still bright but no longer dazzling as before. I have the vocabulary of a well educated sailor shirt This creates a magical effect for each frame as well as the tastes of both children and adults. The tactic of the sailor warrior group also helps us identify two animated versions. Previously, if the girls needed only one attack to destroy the monster, after 22 years, the crew needed more than that to be able to overcome the dark forces. Learn from the original, the manufacturer

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The fans all know that Pluto Sailor has successfully saved the Moon Sailor from the shape of Black Lady and the sailors who defeated the Black Moon clan. But the problem we are talking about is not in the present, but in the future. In order for Chibiusa to travel to the past, the Black Moon family has made a significant contribution to Chibiusa returning to the past in search of Silver Crystal to rescue her parents while they are protected. in crystal coffins in the palace. Why is her parents harmed? The answer is the Black Moon family. They never perished. They still exist in the future, taking on the role of motivation for Chibiusa to return to the past.